Chris Bodycoat

Creative Director

Chris has always been creative. As a kid he would draw watches, boats, cars, anything that took his interest and add his own special touch. At 13 he drew a pair of Nike basketball boots. He was so proud of it he sent the drawing off to Nike’s head office in the US. Some months later a letter from the head of design turned up thanking him for the design along with a Michael Jordan poster.

Chris is a complete natural when it comes to design and after not being accepted into Graphic Design at TAFE Chris decided to set out on his own and has grown to become a world class designer servicing clients seeking a marketable difference, a unique style to their brands to cut through the competition.

Chris believes the most exciting part of design is learning from his clients. There are so many facets to business in so many different industries. Learning from his clients successes and failures equates to a priceless education.

Chris has grown up with technology. Computers played a big part in his earlier years. The Internet was always the future as he kept up with website and advertising trends learning from industry leaders and detailed technical courses. Although able to code in HTML and CSS, he is very thankful to be working with Rachel as the front end web developer, further streamlining the process and creating vastly better websites for his clients.

Chris has developed an enviable portfolio of work for a vast array of clients across many industries. He is always ready and willing to take on new branding projects, as it’s an opportunity to learn from another client and develop something unique.

Rachel Dickman

Web Creative

Rachel started building websites back in 2008 when she decided to leave the corporate world behind and go into business for herself. Studying and learning all things internet marketing Rachel began using WordPress to create her own blogs and then her own business websites throughout her career as a personal trainer. She slowly started to help family and friends with their own websites before branching out into the small business arena and now joining forces with Atrakt to bring her talents to a whole new level.

I’m really exited to be working with Chris on some pretty amazing projects. It’s great to be able to collaborate with another experienced creative as we can do so much more together than what we can on our own. I’ve already learnt so much from him, his design skill in next level.

Rachel has a love for colour and an eye for detail while being able to bring the bigger picture together.


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